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Repel Mosquitoes The Natural Way

Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

From Common Sense Home

The name of this website is aptly named, at least as it pertains to this post about mosquitoes.  This is one of the most informative and useful posts that you will ever read about mosquitoes and how you can combat them.  The post begins talking about why mosquitoes bite certain people more than others, then gives 5 common sense ways to combat the mosquitoes and keep them away effectively and naturally, and finally talks about some herbal, natural remedies for mosquito control.  If you are looking for a natural, common sense approach to fighting mosquitoes and the diseases that they spread, as well as to understand why they attack and will never stop, this post is perfect for you.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

I have a love hate relationship with nice weather. I love being outdoors, working in my garden, playing with my animals, watching the kids run around, smelling the salt air, basking in the sun, and enjoying nature of all kinds. I hate getting bit by those pesky, good for nothing, bloodsucking, make me itch all over and miserable mosquitoes.

Here in South Carolina, we lovingly refer to them as our state bird. (Editor's note: We claim the mosquito as the Wisconsin State Bird as well.