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Are You Unwittingly Running A Mosquito Breeding Farm?

Possible Mosquito-Breeding Sources in Your Yard

From Santa Clara County Vector Control District

Are you one of the many people who have tried to control the rampant mosquito population in your backyard, only to realize that you are fighting a losing battle?  It seems as though no matter how much you spray, fog, and apply repellent, the mosquitoes not only keep coming back in waves, but they seem to keep multiplying.  It could be that you are overlooking the secret and hidden areas of your property that are actually providing an ideal breeding ground for the mosquito population.  This post from Santa Clara County in California gives a great chart that illustrates the areas of your property that are likely ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  Paying attention to and correcting the issues in these areas will help cut the mosquito population in your backyard greatly, and will help you be able to get ahead of the swarm once and for all.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Are You Breeding Mosquitoes?

A successful countywide mosquito control program requires the elimination of water sources where mosquitoes breed. Once the adult mosquitoes have emerged from the water, their control is much more difficult to accomplish.

Running streams and creeks have moving water and are generally not good breeding sites for mosquitoes. The mosquito species involved in the transmission of West Nile Virus in our County can breed in standing water around households. Rain gutters, pools, flower pots and cans are amongst many possible sources.

The SCCVCD annually conducts a series of aerial surveys throughout the County to monitor for the presence of neglected swimming pools. However, since mosquitoes need only small amounts of water to breed, it is impossible to have an effective mosquito control program without the collaboration of the residents.

What can you do?

You can help us by dumping or draining standing water on your property. Please review this brochure with illustrations of known household mosquito sources and see the list of preventive measures below.

Click here to see the chart of possible mosquito breeding areas