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This is How To Kill Mosquitoes

How To Kill Mosquitoes


When it comes to killing mosquitoes, it seems that one has myriad options from which to choose.  The real question becomes:  Which method is the most effective in killing mosquitoes and preventing their associated diseases from infecting us and our families?  This post from Fightbugs addresses the best ways to end the mosquito nuisance once and for all.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

What are ways I can get rid of Mosquitoes Myself?
Repelling mosquitoes yourself can be hard, but it's fun to come up with ways to repel them yourself. One way to repel them is to put deet or bug spray into a fan's air filter and turn on the fan. You should do this outside while having a cookout or picnic. The deet repels the bugs and the fan allows you walk freely without the deet applied to your skin. The air from the fan also counteracts the wings of most mosquitoes making it hard for them to land more precisely and less able to come at you easier. Also, to get them out of your yard you can use foliage sprays on your bushes or plants to prevent mosquitoes from settling there. Another way for you to repel mosquitoes is to spray them with aerosol. If one creeps into your house you can easily eliminate it with aerosol. These are ways that you can repel or kill mosquitoes chemically.

Smelly candles can also be used as a repellent. Simply place a scented candle within a few feet of you and the number of mosquitoes will decrease. And, like all insects or animals, mosquitoes have a predator. Birds like to snack on mosquitoes so a way to decrease the number of mosquitoes is to build or buy birdhouses and set them in or around your yard. This will help keep the numbers low and add a new element to your back or front yard. These are ways that you can repel mosquitoes or kill them naturally.

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