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Choosing A Bug Zapper

How to pick a bug zapper: review of the best indoor and outdoor units

From Stop Pest Info

Bug zappers have been around for decades, but is there really a difference between them?  Are some stronger or more effective than others?  Are there zappers that work inside as well?  This post from Stop Pest Info addresses all of these questions in this post, and guides the consumer in how to choose the best bug zapper for them.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

"Once I couldn't sleep all night because of mosquitoes bites..." Has this story been known to you as well? It goes on according to one and the same pattern – itching, swelling of bitten area, big red stains, and the state of drowsiness for the whole day. So what does it mean? - You still don't have a bug zapper that can solve this insects problem!
Spring comes and so does mosquitoes' season. Don't hope for electronic repellers. Unfortunately they don't work as we expect. We tend to trust to BBC research about ultrasound mosquito repellents, when they have compared a lot of scientific facts and cases of fraud to ensure that electronic repellers, radio-repellent and mosquito repellent Apps on smartphones don't work against mosquitoes. And what about zappers?

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