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If you're going to do battle with the deadly mosquito, you'd better come prepared.  If you intend to win this battle, you can't expect to just show up with a can of DEET and expect to be safe.  To be successful, one must know and understand their enemy, then formulate a comprehensive plan of action to do battle.  This post from Mosquito World arms you with the knowledge and tools to help win the battle, and the entire war.

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Welcome to Mosquito world, a comprehensive mosquito control guide all about mosquitoes; what they are, how they feed, why they bite and most importantly, how to get rid of them.

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Home Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can breed in as little as one inch of standing water, which means there are numerous places around a home that might support them. It is important to get rid of those possible breeding sites to avoid a yard full of biting insects.

Remove empty containers

Start by cleaning up any containers left lying around the yard. Put away buckets, pick up toys, and dump any pet dishes kept outside. If the dog must have a dish in the backyard, made sure the water is changed daily. Other containers might need to stay outside, as well. Punch holes in them so water drains.

Cut the grass and trim the bushes

During the day, mosquitoes like to rest in tall grass or among shrubs in a moist, shady spot. Keeping the grass short deprives them of a resting place. Also, rake up any fallen leaves. An overturned leaf can hold enough water for a mosquito's eggs, and also give them a place to wait out the day.

Check the rain gutters

They will often become plugged by leaves, blown branches, or other debris, and water will accumulate instead of draining out. Clean them out regularly, especially during the summer. If water is left standing in the gutters more than a week, mosquitoes will lay eggs in them.

Fill in any low-lying areas in the yard

These depressions can hold water after a rain or when the lawn is watered. Without proper drainage, the water will stay for days, allowing mosquitoes a chance to breed. Add dirt and sod, or install a drainage system.

Look after your pool

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Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work?

Do Mosquito Misting Systems Really Work?

From MistAway

The experience of encountering a Mosquito Misting system tends to be very similiar for everyone.  Usually, one is sitting on a mosquito-free patio or deck, enjoying a cold beverage, when a strange but pleasant-smelling mist suddenly emanates from underneath the eaves in a roof and from fences.  The question invariably is asked ,"What is that?".  

Mosquito Misting systems are the only permanent, automatic method for controlling and protecting against harmful mosquito bites, and they are rapidly gaining in popularity.  This post from MistAway, the leading provider of Misting Systems in the U.S., estimates that there are in excess of 60,000 systems in place, over half of which have been provided by MistAway.  Click here to read about these innovative and effective systems, and how they can protect your family, pets, and guests.

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Mosquito-Free Backyards Require Long-Term Pest Solutions: Which Is Best for You?  

From Mosquito Magnet

Trying to control mosquitoes by utilizing only a spray can of DEET or relying on just a backpack service is tantamount to bringing a knife to a gun fight.  As this post from Mosquito Magnet thoroughly explains:  Mosquito control takes a comprehensive and vigilant approach.  Multiple methods are required to solve the mosquito issue, which according to this post claims over 7,000,000 lives every year.  The article also focuses on long-term methods for controlling mosquitoes like mosquito traps, larval control, air curtains, misting systems and mosquito nets.

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Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

From Tractor Supply

Let's face it:  Trying to battle mosquitoes in your backyard is exasperating.  Fogging, Spraying, wearing bracelets, calling the backpack spray person only to have to wait three weeks for treatment;  There has to be a more effective way to control the disease-spreading mosquitoes from harming your family and pets.  This post from Tractor Supply presents some unusual methods of mosquito control that you may not have tried or even ever heard of.  Some of these include Burning Pinion Wood, using coffee grounds, and using dry ice.

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How to keep your yard mosquito-free this summer

From Newsnet 5

Not everyone has the meanst to have professional yard services spray for mosquitoes, or can afford to constantly purchase chemicals to keep these pests away.  Those that have a DIY bent, and want to save money are hard-pressed to keep their yard free from mosquitoes and consequently are held hostage by these pests.  This post from Newsnet 5 presents some common-sense, low-cost ways to fight the mosquitoes, and re-claim one's backyard living space without spending a fortune.

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Pesticides Used in Mosquito Control

From The National Pesticide Information Center

The world of Pesticides and Insecticides can be a confusing and murky place.  Looking for information on brand names of insecticides and pesticides, if one even knows what the brand name is, can be difficult and contradictory.  Should one put their trust in a company to treat their backyard without knowing if the pesticides that they employ can be harmful to one's family and pets?  The best consumer is an infromed one, and thats where this post from the NPIC comes in.  This post breaks down the Pesticides into three categories:  Adult (flying) mosquitoes, Larval Mosquitoes, and Synergists.  Additionally, there are handy links to Fact sheets on the chemicals, reports from Governments agencies like the EPA, and Methodologies for employment of these chemicals.  

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There are a variety of products available on the market for the public and for professionals when it comes to mosquito control. Larvicides are chemicals designed to be applied directly to water to control mosquito larvae. Adulticides are used in fogging and spraying to control adult mosquitoes. Synergists are not toxic to the mosquitoes themselves, but they make adulticides more effective. Some communities provide mosquito control as a service to the public and may apply pesticides from trucks or planes. To find out whether or not your community sprays for mosquitoes, try contacting your local health department or local mosquito control district.

If you decide to use a pesticide for mosquito control, always remember to read and follow the label instructions carefully.

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New Mosquito Repellent Made, "Better Than Anything Else"

Mosquitoes bugging you? There may be a new repellent on the horizon—and it's "so much better than anything else we've ever seen," its inventor says.

From National Geographic

Virtually every store-bought mosquito repellent is made with DEET.  A laboratory chemist may have blended up a concoction that could make traditional bug and mosquito repellents obsolete.  This post from National Geographic explains the difference in the chemicals as follows:  Mosquitoes that encounter DEET are like walking into a room that smells bad, making you want to leave.  Mosquitoes that encounter this new compound never smell the human because the scent is totally masked by the chemical.  While further testing and approval is required to bring this patented chemical to market, the applications for its use to protect humankind worldwide from the scourge of mosquitoes, ticks, and other blood-sucking insects make this a huge breakthrough in technology.

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Spraying for Mosquitoes in the Backyard

From Iowa State University Horticulture

With all of the wet weather that has plagued the Midwest this Spring season, the demand for mosquito yard treatments are booming.  What most people don't realize is that there is a great difference between store-bought fogging systems, mosquito backpack sprayers, aerosols, and repellents.  These products and services vary in chemical composition, application techniques, and effectiveness.  This post from the Iowa State University Horticulture department goes into great detail about all the various methods and techniques for effective mosquito yard spraying.

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Are Mosquitoes Necessary?

Why Would God Create Mosquitoes?

From Reasons to Believe

There are certain paradoxical questions pertaining to the area of faith and theology that both believers and non-believers use to argue their case.  One of the most recent and famous appeared in a 2014 book, authored by Jesuit Priests that Run the Astrological Observatory at the Vatican in Rome, entitled "Would You Babtize An Extraterrestrial?".  Just ruminating over the title gets the intellectual juices flowing, doesn't it?  This post from Reasons To Believe posts a very similar question about one of our favorite topics, Mosquitoes: "Why Would God Create Mosquitoes?".  It is widely recognized that mosquiotes account for more deaths worldwide than anything else; so do mosquitoes have any redeeming qualities whatsoever, or any conceivable reason to exist at all?  The answer may surprise you...

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National Mosquito Control Awareness Week June 21-27: Backyard Hacks To Reduce Mosquito Population And Keep Your Family Comfortable And Bite Free


With the proliferation of exotic diseases that are spread by mosquitoes, it is only fitting that a week is set out to recognize the problem and create awareness.  Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya and West Nile can be silent killers, and the mosquitoes that spread them are only gaining in populations across the U.S.  This post from WSET talks about Mosquito Control Awareness Week, and gives some practical tips that you can employ in your own backyard to idenfity, diagnose, and treat the mosquito problem.

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