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Mosquito Control

Fight the Bite

From Metro Fight the Bite

Keeping mosquitoes away from you and your family seems like a never-ending battle.  Part of the reason for this relative lack of success is the fact that most mosquito treatments only attack adult airborne mosquitoes, and not the larvae.  This post from Metro Fight the Bite presents a comprehensive approach to mosquito control that every homeowner should read, as larval control is a key component to keeping the adult mosquitoes away as well.

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Plant a Mosquito-Proof Outdoor Living Space

Grow Safe, Natural Mosquito Repellents

From Mother Earth News

These natural mosquito repellents, such as mosquito-repellent plants and homemade mosquito traps, will help you have a less buggy summer.

Trying to keep mosquitoes at bay can seem like a losing battle.  Most people will simply head to the store and pick up a mosquito repellent, most of which are based on a chemical known as DEET.  Unfortunately, studies are now appearing that show this ubiquitous mosquito repellent that is readily purchased in over-the-counter mosquito sprays is potentially very harmful to humans.  People that want to solve this pressing problem in a more natural way are looking for alternatives to chemical pesticides.  This post from Mother Earth News helps these people steer clear of land mines by exposing some natural mosquito control myths, as well as some proven methods for actually keeping mosquitoes at bay.

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From Elk Grove Village, IL

Most urban municipalities have programs and resources in place for mosquito control.  The overwhelming majority of residents in any commmunity rely on these methods as their sole means of mosquito control.  This is a mistake, as is illustrated in this post by Elk Grove Village, IL's municipal website.  The homeowner must take steps to control mosquitoes in and around their home, as macro control methods like those employed by municipalities don't account for standing water, rain barrels, junk or old toys, old playsets, swimming pools, wading pools, leaky pipes, pet bowls, vegetation, etc.  Being an active participant in killing and controlling mosquito populations by taking control of your own propery makes one part of the solution.

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Natural Insect Pest Control

From Eartheasy

It's tought to think about, but let's face facts:  we share our world with ants, dust mites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, and many other biting pests.  The common methods of trying to deal with them usually involved pesticides and chemicals, which we are starting to realize can have potentially harmful effects on our family and our pets.  There are, as this post from Eartheasy explains, natural methods of insect control that can actually be quite effective.  Using natural substances that won't harm humans or pets, but repel and kill these biting insects is a safe, effective way to approach our shared existence.

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Mosquito Control Tips That Hit Close To Home

Mosquito Control In and Around the House

From Rutgers University

Mosquito control at one's home requires a vigilant, comprehensive approach.  Understanding the life cycle of the mosquito will help one understand that just spraying one's skin or just fogging the yard every couple of weeks will not prevent mosquito populations from flourishing.  This post from Rutgers University explains the life cycle, how it applies to mosquito control, and what specific steps that a homeowner can take to start getting ahead of the mosquito problem.

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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes: Testing 11 Homemade Remedies

From Huffington Post

Ever wondered if your grandmothers natural method for repelling and controlling mosquitoes really works?  Maybe you heard of a method somewhere and never had the opportunity to try it?  This post from Huffington Post puts these wifes tales and urban legends to the test.  See if the natural mosquito control remedy that you have always wanted to try actually stands up to the test!

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Control Mosquitoes The Natural Way

Natural Backyard Mosquito Control

From The Dollar Stretcher

Ever thought about putting in a Bat House for mosquito control?  That simple act of inviting bats into your yard can actually make a huge difference in the safety of your family and pets because mosquitoes eat tens of thousands of mosquitoes every evening.  What about planting Lemongrass plants, or wearing a "Bounce" brand dryer sheet in your pocket when you are in the backyard?  These and many more natural mosquito control methods are presented in this informative post from The Dollar Stretcher, and, as the name of the website intimates, they are inexpensive as well!

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Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work?

Do Mosquito Misting Systems Really Work?

From MistAway

The experience of encountering a Mosquito Misting system tends to be very similiar for everyone.  Usually, one is sitting on a mosquito-free patio or deck, enjoying a cold beverage, when a strange but pleasant-smelling mist suddenly emanates from underneath the eaves in a roof and from fences.  The question invariably is asked ,"What is that?".  

Mosquito Misting systems are the only permanent, automatic method for controlling and protecting against harmful mosquito bites, and they are rapidly gaining in popularity.  This post from MistAway, the leading provider of Misting Systems in the U.S., estimates that there are in excess of 60,000 systems in place, over half of which have been provided by MistAway.  Click here to read about these innovative and effective systems, and how they can protect your family, pets, and guests.

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Mistaken Identities
Insects Commonly Mistaken for Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are annoying, and can be very scary.  When you think about the damage that one miniscule insect can do to your family, it can be very intimidating.  People who live in high mosquito traffic areas tend to have other populations of insects that can be easily mistaken for the deadly mosquito, and are otherwise relatively harmless.  This post from the American Mosquito Control Association presents a very extensive list of insect species that are most commonly mistaken for mosquitoes.

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Thursday, 28 May 2015 00:00

Mosquitoes Inside The House?

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Inside the House

From DC Mosquito Squad

Mosquitoes love humidity, and standing water.  In fact, they require standing water to breed and to live.  Most of the requisite conditions for life are found outside of the home, but that doesn't preclude mosquitoes from finding a home inside yours.  This post from DC Mosquito Squad gives some great ideas for controlling and repelling mosquitoes outside the home, but also what to do shoud you find yourself with a population of disease-carrying mosquitoes inside.

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