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Drug could kill mosquitoes when they feast on human blood

From Science

Sometimes drugs have unintended consequences, both positive and negative.  In the case of the antiparasitic drug Invermectin, the result seems to be a very positive outcome.  According to this post from Science magazine, the 30-year old drug which is commonly used for treating ringworm may actually weaken and kill mosquitoes attempting to feed on humans, and consequently could cut disease transmission.

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46 Cases of Zika Virus Reported in Illinois, Health Officials Say

From NBC Chicago

Sometimes it's easy to watch the evening news reports of scary events in our world and remain distant.  Watching stories about the potentially harmful Zika virus spreading around the tropics is one such example of a story that doesn't seem to affect our Midwestern Shangri-La here in the Chicagoland Metropolitan Area.   Well, this story from NBC Chicago will bring this frightening virus closer to home than was expected.  The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that there are at least 46 total cases of Zika in the State of Illinois, with 8 pregnant women among the reported cases.

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PAHO Calls For Increased Vigilance Due To Zika Mosquito Virus

From Curacao Chronicle

Originating in the Carribean, the Zika virus presents a terrifying set of symptoms when it infects humans.  Some birth defects like encephalitis are known to have been caused by the Zika virus.  The virus is spreading globally, including into the U.S.  This post from the Curacao Chronicle talks about the Pan American Health Organization's alert to increase vigilance against this rapidly spreading disease.

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Top Mosquito Misconceptions

From Florida Pest Control

For one of the most ubiquitous and deadly species on the planet, the mosquito is little understood.  Myths and Misconceptions about this deadly killer abound, and serve to perpetuate the fear about the species.  This post from Florida Pest Control explores and debunks some of the most common misconceptions about this tiny killer.

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College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences
Cooperative Extension Service

Keeping mosquito populations at bay is an annual struggle for many municipalities and residential areas around the country.  Keeping mosquito populations and their associated diseases that they carry and spread to humans and pets can seem like an overwhelming task when you consider that only treating adult populations is futile.  A comprehensive approach is required that accounts for larvae, adult treatment, and mitigation of breeding areas.  According to this post from South Dakota University, homeowners can play a major role in mosquito control efforts.

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10 Ways to Keep Those Outdoor Bugs Away

from Kitchn

With the heat and humidity of Summer in full swing, most of us are all to familiar with the amount of bugs that make their homes in and around our outdoor living spaces.  Bugs are a fact of life, but there are ways to keep them away from our living spaces.  This post from Kitchn presents ten practical and effective means for keeping those outdoor bugs at bay, and to leave us with critter and pest free air for the remainder of the Summer.

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Mosquito Repellents That Best Protect Against Zika

From Consumer Reports

Zika virus is a very scary epidemic, and it is spreading across the world like wildfire.  As there is no vaccine for the Zika virus, the best way to prevent disease transmission presently is to avoid mosquito bites.  This post from Consumer Reports presents the results of their testing of commercially available mosquito repellents, and ranks them for effectiveness.  

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Health department officials recommend these tips to fight Zika virus


Unless you haven't been paying very close attention to the news, you realize that the Zika virus is in the mainland U.S. and is spreading like wildfire.  Spread by mosquito bites, Zika causes horrible birth defects in unborn infants, and there is currently no vaccine against the virus.  This post from Nooga presents some tips to fight against Zika the only way currently possible, and that is to avoid getting bitten by the mosquito that carries the virus.

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