Misting on Demand
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The difference between Backpack Fogging services and Automatic Misting Systems offered by Bug Off Mister are like the difference between night and day.  There are differences in the type of insecticide used, as well as the method of application, control, and convenience.  Automatic Misting Systems provide permanent, automatic, and controllable mosquito control right in the palm of your hand.  Experience Misting on Demand today!

Fogging    Misting 
Oil based insecticide which stays around for 3 weeks   Plant based insecticide that dissipates in 3-4 hours 
Re-fogging necessary every few weeks to be effective   Treatment multiple times a day for constant killing 
At mercy of fogging company schedule   You control when the misting happens and how often
Manual fogging through backpack   Permanent, Automatic, hassle-free system
No indication of when insecticide is no longer effective       Remote monitoriing through smart phone indicates when insecticide needs replacement 


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