New Map Shows Where Zika Mosquitoes Live in US

From NBC Chicago

The latest and scariest mosquito borne illness is spreading like wildfire across the continential United States.  How can one be sure that they are safe?  Taking measures against mosquito bites is the first line of defense, and will protect one from Zika, West Nile, Chikungunya and other yet to be discovered blood borne diseases.  This post from NBC Chicago provides an early warning tool that may be utilized as well in the form of a map that shows where the documented cases of Zika have been realized.

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Malaria-proof mosquitos could eliminate Zika

fromk USA Today

The CDC reported that the rampantly spreading Zika virus may be "scarier than we initially thought", offering the information that Zika may actually be linked to more incidences of birth defects than previously understood.  Scientists, Epidemiologists, and Entomologists alike are scrambling for the best means and methods to kill, repel and control mosquitoes that spread this scary disease.  This post from USA today presents a cutting edge theory and approach to wiping out an entire mosquito species utilizing gene therapy.

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Watch How Mosquitos Use Six Gross Needles to Suck Our Blood

From Sploid

Mosquitoes account for more deaths worldwide than pretty much anything else on the planet.  Their method of disease transmission is known to almost everyone, as most people have experienced the annoyance of a mosquito bite.  Modern photographic methods allow us now to see this process up close and personal, and one may never be the same again after having seen it.  This post from Sploid presents a level of detail of a mosquito bite that will most likely frighten, and intrigue one at a minimum.

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5 DIY Mosquito Repellents for Your Backyard

from Swim University

What does a swimming pool expert know about repelling mosquitoes?  Well, it turns out, quite a bit.  Mosquitoes and swimming pools go hand in hand for obvious reasons, and this post from Matt Giovanisci gives a handy guide to 5 mosquito repellents and services that are available to homeowners both with and without swimming pools.  

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Will Zika Virus Impact Swimming Pools?

From Aqua

It is easy to focus on one's own small world and not look beyond one's community to see what's going on in the world.  Sometimes, however, things happen in far away places that can eventually impact one's life, and in retrospect we can see that we should have seen these trends coming.  This post from Aqua demonstrates this principle by showing something that is happening in communities in New Jersey that potentially aids in the spreading of the Zika Virus, and how this very thing could be happening right in your own backyard.

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7 Bullshit Cures For Zika That Are Spreading Online

From Gizmodo

Zika, like any new virus spreading around the population, is scary.  The fact that Zika has spread to over 50 countries, and causes microencehpaly in fetuses makes it even scarier.  Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this disease, despite the charlatanic efforts of enterprising businesspeople in cyberspace.  This post from Gizmodo posts a warning about these supposed cures, and discusses why one should steer clear of them.

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First Human Case of West Nile Reported in Illinois for 2016

From NBC Chicago

Unfortunately, West Nile Virus, and other mosquito borne illnesses have become a fact of life if you live anywhere in the United States.  The summer months bring exponential mosquito populations and the associated diseases that they carry and spread to humans, like Chikungunya, Malaria, Zika, and one with which Illinoisians have become familiar, West Nile Virus.  According to this post from NBC Chicago, human cases of West Nile don't usually appear until the end of July or beginning of August, which means this first reported case is over a month early.  Last year, there were 77 human cases reported, so hopefully this isn't a harbinger of a record disease season in Illinois.

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The state's first human case of West Nile virus has been reported in west-central Illinois, three months earlier than last year's initial diagnosis.
An adolescent in west-central Illinois became severely ill in late May, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Last year, the first human case of West Nile was reported on Aug. 19, according to the IDPH.
"We typically don't start to see human cases of West Nile virus in Illinois until the end of July or beginning of August," IDPH Director Nirav Shah said in a statement. "This first human case is much earlier this year, reminding us that it's important to protect ourselves against mosquito bites now and not wait until the hotter months of summer."

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Arm Yourself Against The Mosquito, Your One True Enemy

From Deadspin

Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on the planet, and many people are coming around to realizing that surprising fact.  Their sheer numbers, ability to multiply exponentially, and their stealthy means of disease transmission make them the most dangerous species to threaten mankind ever.  Unfortunately, the means and methods to combat them and protect against them are messy, and in some cases can actually do harm to humans and pets above and beyond what the mosquitoes can.  This post from Deadspin puts a somewhat humorous but true spin on this situation, by introducing you to a product that can make the war against mosqutioes strangely fun and satisfying.

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